SlideAttack at the 9th Note Jazz and Supper Club – August 3, 2016

It’s plain to see that the legacy of the legendary J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding will live on thanks to a very particular group that held the stage at the 9th Note Jazz and Supper Club in Stamford, Connecticut on August 3rd, 2016. Slide Attack is a seasoned collection of five fantastic musicians fluent in the language of swing, blues, modern jazz and a wide spectrum of genres. Boldly led by the two lead trombonists Alan Goidel and Howard Levy, the band fills the room with the brassy harmonies of some well-chosen jazz arrangements both old and new. For a relatively small venue this group found a balance well suited for both the club and each other, allowing the audience to get a sufficient helping of each instrument. The community of the musicians and the friendly engagement of the audience show these guys have a stage presence that keeps the audience tuned in for their entire set. Once the band kicks up and starts playing, the rhythm section is tight and the trombone harmonies are bonded. As the rhythm section holds it down, the eclectic improvisation of Al and Howard displays a wealth of technical experience in every solo. This is seen as well in the entire ensemble, the piano, bass and the drums all presented their own unique musical ideas in each solo giving the band a very rounded sound. Many of the arrangements they played came off their album “Slide Attack featuring Alan Goidel and Howard Levy” which includes a wide range of classic arrangements that have been given that Slide Attack personality. A particular tune that stuck out of their set was the tune “Sweetness” written by Curtis Fuller that featured the two lead trombones both with mutes that dispersed their tones and blended their harmonies into a warm series of melodies. The improvising by Al and Howard on that tune showed incredible range and intricate lines that would compliment the surrounding chords very nicely. There must be credit given, however, to their piano player for his elegantly fluttering solo as the rhythm section took him for a walk on the tune “Morning Star” written by Rodgers Grant. Overall, these guys are really worth a listen and will be a highlight of any night out.

-Ricky Tegtmeier

Offical SRU Jazz Critic



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"What a wonderful album!  In so many ways, this music is so refreshing - excellent arrangements, interesting repertoire, all put together with the care and love that can only come from true dedication and appreciation for the kind of swinging jazz that one doesn't hear nearly enough nowadays. In the great tradition of the two-trombone groups of yesteryear, Mr. Levy and Mr. Goidel deserve our gratitude for keeping the tradition not only alive, but swinging!"

Loren Schoenberg
Artistic Director
The National Jazz Museum in Harlem
104 E. 126th Street
New York, N.Y. 10035


“What better way to honor past masters than to keep their musical spirits alive? SLIDE ATTACK pays homage to the great trombonists J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding AND ALSO to their unique two-trombone jazz quintet, which became one of the most popular jazz groups of the 1950s. Kudos to Howard Levy and Alan Goidel as keepers of the flame!”

Dave Chamberlain








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